5 Different Ways To Enjoy Your Favourite Whiskey

Whiskey has been enjoyed around the globe for hundreds of years, and this drink gives a magical experience that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Some people prefer to drink their whiskey neat, whilst others prefer it on the rocks - but there are many other ways that you can enjoy this delicious, full-bodied drink. Here at Fletcher Drinks, we have put together this post, outlining 5 ways you can enjoy your favourite whiskey. 

We provide a wide range of premium drinks for both local and nationwide delivery, delivering your favourite drinks straight to your door. We have over 900 delicious drink options to choose from, with a fabulous selection of the best whiskeys, wines, beers, ales, and alcohol-free drinks to choose from. To learn more about 5 different ways that you can enjoy your favourite whiskey, keep reading. 

  •  Neat

  • The classic way to enjoy whiskey is neat. Neat means drinking your whiskey without any ice or water, and many people find this the best way to drink whiskey. Drinking your whiskey neat really showcases the flavour notes in your whiskey of choice, and allows you to fully taste the spirit. It is the best method to go for if you like to really taste the spirit that you are drinking, and want to experience all of the flavours that it has to offer. 

  • With a Splash of Water

  • You can also enjoy your favourite whiskey with a splash of water. Water is known to be able to soften the punch of whiskey a little, and some people think that water can help to release its flavours better. Simply add a few drops of water to your glass, give it a swirl and repeat until you find the flavour profile that you like. Be careful when adding water to your whiskey as if you add too much, then the only option will be to add more whiskey. So add it in slowly, and see how it tastes before adding any more. 

  • On the Rocks

  • Another common way to enjoy whiskey is on the rocks - which means with ice. Many people find that adding ice to their whiskey is refreshing, and provides the whiskey with some much-needed chill. If you are new to drinking whiskey, adding some ice is a great way to acclimate yourself to it and take away from some of its strong flavour. When adding ice, it's recommended to add a large ice cube or two as they will melt slower and give you a less watered-down drink when compared to adding regular ice cubes. Or you can opt for adding whiskey stones, to get that chilled effect without diluting your drink. 

  • Add it to Your Favourite Hot Drinks

  • You can also add whiskey to your favourite hot drinks, to give them a delicious, smooth finish. You can add whiskey to tea, also sometimes known as a ‘Hot Toddy’. Whiskey and tea are a beautiful pairing as the whiskey can contribute many additional flavours to your tea, whilst the tea will provide you with a world of herby, citrus or fruit flavours also. Or to your cup of coffee, creating the classic whiskey and coffee combo. Coffee is known to bring out the delicious deep notes in whiskey, whilst the whiskey will enhance the flavour of your coffee also. The perfect way to finish off your evening. 

  • Pour Some into a Cocktail

  • Another fantastic way to enjoy your favourite whiskey is by pouring it into a cocktail. This is a great way to drink whiskey if you don’t enjoy the taste of it by itself, or if you are looking for a new way to enjoy it. You can create a classic cocktail using whiskey, and experiment with different flavours and mixers to create a variety of tasty drinks. Create a delicious Bourbon Mojito, a Manhattan, a Whiskey Sour, an Old Fashioned, and many more mouth-watering cocktails. 

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