Alcohol-Free Drinks to Try This Christmas

The selection of alcohol-free drinks on the market has grown quite considerably over the last few years and there is something for everyone, regardless of what their favourite tipple may be. It’s becoming much more common for people to try alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks too, and many are swapping their alcoholic beers, wines and spirits for non-alcoholic alternatives. 

If you’re doing your drinks shopping for the festive period, why not add a few alcohol-free drinks to your online order and try some of the different options on the market? There are lots of benefits to drinking alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks this Christmas, and you can even combine them with your favourite alcoholic drinks to reduce the amount you’re drinking. Below we have looked into alcohol-free drinks in more detail. 

The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Drinks

People are starting to drink alcohol-free alternatives to their favourite drinks for lots of different reasons and there are several benefits to doing so. It’s worthwhile trying a few alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks this Christmas for reasons such as; 

Wake up Hangover-Free

The festive period is usually very busy and if you have several plans lined up with family and friends, alcohol-free drinks will enable you to enjoy yourself hangover-free. You can have a few drinks at a party and still wake up feeling fresh and ready to attend your next event. You won’t have to put up with a headache all day and you will have more energy to enjoy the festivities.

They Taste the Same

Lots of well-known brands are bringing out non-alcoholic and low-alcohol versions of their popular drinks, and they have worked hard to make them taste very similar to the original. When you’re drinking alcohol-free beer or alcohol-free wine, you might not notice the difference and you can still enjoy the taste of your favourite brands. If you’re a designated driver or looking after young children, alcohol-free options mean you can still have a drink this Christmas.

Reduce your Calorie Intake

There is no denying that people eat and drink a lot at Christmas time, and they consume more calories than they usually would. Swapping to alcohol-free alternatives is a great way to reduce your calorie intake over the festive season and many of the non-alcoholic drinks on the market have much fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts. 

Stay Safe and Healthy 

When you drink alcohol, it intoxicates you and impacts your ability to make decisions and stay in control. Swapping to alcohol-free drinks can help you to stay safe this Christmas and you will be less likely to have an accident that results in you getting injured. You will be able to enjoy the festive period without being in pain or having to go to the hospital. 

Some Alcohol-Free Alternatives to get you Started 

As mentioned above, there are so many alcohol-free options on the market these days and regardless of what your favourite alcoholic tipple may be, you will likely be able to find a non-alcoholic alternative. Some popular alcohol-free options include the Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Cider and Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Strawberry & Lime Cider. These alcohol-free fruity ciders are known for tasting the same as the alcoholic versions and they are very moreish. Thankfully, you can drink as many as you’d like without getting intoxicated. 

There are great alcohol-free wines to try as well, such as the Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine and Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc White Wine, and they are just as flavourful as alcoholic wine. The alcohol is carefully removed from the wine to ensure it doesn’t impact the taste, so you can still enjoy a delicious glass or two this Christmas without getting a hangover. If you’ve never had alcohol-free drinks before, wine, cider or beer is a great place to start and it’s incredibly easy to make the transition. 

Trying Something new this Christmas

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