Delving into Our 5 Best-Selling Premium Beers

Have you been thinking about enjoying a beer or two this weekend in Coventry, but are out of all of your favourite beers? This means it’s time to stock up, and what better place to buy from than Fletcher Drinks? We have over 900 options to choose from, and we stock beers from all of the leading brand names that you know and enjoy and some that might be new to you. 

We have put together this short post, delving into 5 of the best-selling premium beers that we stock. We supply local and nationwide alcohol delivery straight to your door. To learn more about 5 of the best-selling premium beers that we stock, keep reading.

Tetley’s Original Bitter Ale Beer

One of our best-selling ales is Tetley’s Original Bitter Ale Beer, a delectable amber bitter ale beer. This ale has sweet toffee apple flavours, that are well balanced with distinctly bitter dry flavours and a lingering dry bitter finish. Tetley has very unique characteristics when it comes to their brewing yeast, which is just one of the elements that give each pint that distinct Tetley taste.

They have been perfecting their special brewing process for over two centuries, and the Tetley’s name is synonymous with tasty and smooth beer that has been created with a perfect combination of modern and traditional brewing techniques.

Foster’s Lager Beer

When it comes to lager, there aren’t many bigger! Foster’s Lager Beer is one of our best-selling lagers; a light, golden lager with a medium-malt character - making it super delicious and easy to drink. It has a delicate fruity hop aroma and a balanced taste, rolling off the tongue and leaving a clean and crisp finish.

Fosters is perfect when enjoyed fresh out of the fridge, nice and cold, and is relevant across a range of occasions. Its balance of subtle fruitiness and vanilla is ideal for the sweeter-toothed lager lover, and it’s the perfect beer to enjoy all year round.

Carling Original Lager

Another best-seller is Carling Original Lager, a firm favourite amongst our customers. Carling Lager is proud to be made locally in Burton-on-Trent, using 100% British Barley that is Red Tractor-approved. It is a light and tangy lager, and makes a perfect accompaniment to any meal. 

Carling is brewed to create the absolutely perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, giving it a brilliantly thirst-quenching taste right from your very first sip to your last. It has the perfect refreshing feel, making it the ideal lager to enjoy with your colleagues, friends or family at any occasion. 

Sol Original Lager Beer

We also stock Sol Original Lager Beer. Sol is the authentic Mexican beer, born in 1899 in Orizaba near the highest point in Mexico. It’s a lager that's enjoyed by many all over the globe, proving to be popular for its delicious taste and invigorating qualities. The original brewer discovered the refreshing and light recipe that is still used to this day.

Sol uses special light-resistant hops that preserve its refreshing taste even on the sunniest days - and it’s now brewed using Solar energy. It is a light golden pilsner-style beer, with a zesty and lemony finish (and is perfect when served with a wedge of lime).

Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin Gold Beer

Our customers alsolove Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin Gold Beer, a flavoursome and delicious ale. This ale has a combination of four hop varieties and is infused with malted barley and a touch of wheat. It is super easy to drink, and comes with beautiful tropical aromas of citrus and passion fruit. 

Its biscuit-like malt base gives way to heaps of fresh lemon and lime zest, and it has a beautiful smell of fragrant citrus and wild forest gooseberries. If you like an ale with unique and fragrant flavour profiles, then this is certainly the one for you.

Shop For Your Favourite Beers with Fletcher Drinks

We hope that this short post has taught you more about some of our best-selling beers, and that it has given you some ideas of what beers you can enjoy in Coventry.

As well as the 5 great beers that we have mentioned, we have many others to choose from. We stock a selection of the finest Lagers and Ales, making sure that there are options for each and every beer lover. Choose between leading brands such as Carling, Carlsberg, Stella, Fosters, Sol, Banks, Mackeson, Murphys, Sadlers and many more - all stocked at affordable, budget-friendly prices.

We also deliver directly to your door in Coventry. We offer a same-day delivery service to our local customers, as well as a 1-2 day delivery service for our customers throughout the rest of England and Wales.