Five Most Popular Rosé Wines to Get Delivered

Rosé wine has undergone a revival in recent years. Today, more and more people are opting for a glass of chilled Rosé in the evening, particularly in the summer months. Here at Fletcher Drinks, we have an excellent selection of Rosé wines to choose from with a number of producers and regions available. Below, we’ve written a post that looks at the five most in-demand Rosé wines to get right now. 

Gallo Family Vineyards Spritz Peach & Nectarine

The Gallo Family Vineyards Spritz Peach & Nectarine is a sensational Rosé inspired by the gorgeous sun-drenched fruits of California. It’s packed with intense, bright fruity notes and mixed with strong flavours of peach and nectarine. This is a perfect Gallo Grenache Rosé to enjoy on a summer’s day; it’s full of flavour and a delight to drink. Grown in California vineyards, you’ll feel yourself transported to this beautiful part of the country, enjoying an unique, unforgettable Rosé. 

Black Tower Pink Bubbly

The Black Tower Pink Bubbly is bursting with red berry fruit flavours; it’s a fresh, fruity Rosé that’s perfect for all types of occasions. Whether you’re hosting an evening celebration with friends, or having a nice meal with family, this bubbly wine is a fantastic choice. It’s a lively, exciting Rosé that will make any occasion better. If you want to buy it now, visit the Fletcher Drinks website - we’ve got low prices across all Rosé wines.

Blossom Hill Spritz Raspberry & Blackcurrant

The Blossom Hill Spritz Raspberry & Blackcurrant exudes a strong, fresh aroma of summer berries, featuring subtle hints of raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry. It is a refreshing Italian wine that’s a lovely choice for any social gathering or occasion. At just £4.49, you really can’t go wrong with this Blossom Hill Spritz; it’s a wonderful addition to any wine lover’s Rosé collection.

Echo Falls Pinot Grigio Rosé

The Echo Falls Pinot Grigio Rosé is a mix of apples and strawberries, with a small hint of raspberries. It’s the Rosé of choice for all sorts of occasions - from summer BBQs to relaxing evenings at home. This is the perfect accompaniment to the summer time; it’s produced in Italy and is great for social get-togethers. At Fletcher Drinks, we sell this Rosé at just £5.99, so it’s a great affordable wine to buy. 

Bin 161 Rosé by Hardys

The Bin 161 Rosé by Hardys is an understated, light and reinvigorating Rosé. It is blended with flavours of red berries, and has a wondrous crisp finish. Coming from South Eastern Australia, this is a popular wine that has been made by one of the country’s most famous and respected wine producers. The Bin 161 range celebrates the 161st anniversary of the business’ establishment, so this is a memorable, exclusive wine to buy. 

Want to Buy Rosé Wine Online in the UK?

If you want to get some of the finest Rosé wines in the UK at low prices, then Fletcher Drinks is the best place for you to come. We sell a diverse range of Rosé wines from a number of producers in countries all over the world, so there is plenty to choose from to suit your individual taste. Whether you want a wine that’ll make an impression on your party guests, or a nice Rosé for a chilled-out evening at home, we’ve got you covered with a wonderful selection to pick from. 

All of our Rosé wines can be delivered straight to your door, with same-day home delivery available to all locals in the West Midlands and Worcestershire region. We also offer 1-2 day delivery to customers in the rest of England and Wales. In addition to our Rosé wines, we stock a number of other wines, Sherry, Port, Champagne, Spirits, Cider, Beer and Local Ales. If you have any questions, then please call us today on 01384 572484.