Four Countries that Produce Great Beers

Beer is made in a vast number of countries all around the world - from the UK and Germany to the US and China. Quite simply, there are so many places with rich beer making traditions. So, for the beer drinker, there’s an abundance of choice when it comes to what to drink. Thankfully, the team at Fletcher Drinks has made this arduous task of choosing beers easier by writing an informative post that looks at four countries renowned for quality beers. 

Read on further to learn more about these beers of the world, and if you’d like to discover all the beers offered at Fletcher Drinks - then visit our website today. 


Belgium is renowned for its beer; in the UK, one of the most popular beers from this nearby country is Stella Artois. This is a premium lager made from over 600 years of Belgian brewing expertise, and it is a balanced drink that has a taste packed full of flavour. A Stella Artois is perfect for any occasion, so it’s no surprise that this beer is one of the most popular in the UK. 


Germany is home to a huge number of amazing beers. If you want a classic German style pilsner, then you really cannot go wrong with a Beck’s. This beer is a world-famous drink with just four natural ingredients - barley, hops, yeast and water. It has a distinct full-bodied taste and a rich head. It goes brilliantly with Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines. 


Italy may not be the first country that you think of when it comes to beer production. But, in actual fact, the Italians have produced some amazing beers over the years. None more so than the Birra Moretti Lager, which is an authentically Italian quality lager brewed with the finest ingredients. It features a special blend of hops that gives it a special taste and aroma, and it goes incredibly well with food too. 

United States

The United States is well-known as one of the biggest beer producing countries in the world, with a long tradition behind it. You will find many famous American Lagers at Fletcher Drinks including the incredibly popular Budweiser Lager, which is never out of fashion and always a great crisp beer to drink. If you want something a bit lighter, then you can go for an ice cold Coors Light, which was born in the Rocky Mountains of Golden Colorado and is unbelievably refreshing. 

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