Get Ready to Make Delicious Summer Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a summery cocktail? The crisp, fruity and refreshing flavours, the beautiful colours and the pretty garnishes of a cocktail are the perfect addition to a summer vibe. 

There are so many cocktail variations and flavours that meet a number of different taste preferences, so why not explore and see if you can find any new favourites? 

If you’re looking to embrace cocktail making this summer, why not look into an alcohol delivery service in Birmingham, so you can save yourself the time and energy of having to go out shopping and having it brought straight to your door instead; and here at Fletcher Drinks, that’s exactly what we do. 

Not sure what summer cocktails to try? Take a look below at some tasty summery cocktail concoctions you can enjoy at home.

Classic Sangria

When you go away on holiday, do you love to indulge in a tasty sangria? Well, who says it’s only a holiday beverage? Treat yourself to a delicious sangria right in your back garden on those warm summer days while you relax. The main ingredient for Sangria and the basis of the drink is red wine, and an Echo Falls Shiraz, with its fruity flavours and a hint of pepperiness, could be perfect for the role. You can choose to mix your red wine with orange juice or perhaps lemonade, and other spirits, such as brandy, can also be added. 

Fruity Passionfruit Martini

Vodka comes in such a broad range of delicious flavours and allows us to create some truly tasty cocktails; a Passionfruit Martini is an excellent choice and definitely, one to add to your summer cocktail menu. With a mixture of delicious vanilla vodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, and fresh passion fruit, with an optional prosecco shot on the side, this cocktail can really give you a drink with a sweet, fruity zing. Don’t forget to garnish with some of your passion fruit to get that picture-worthy finish. 

Refreshing Mojito

A mojito simply screams summer. A tasty mixture of white rum, soda, lime, mint and syrup, its deliciously refreshing blend of citrus, sweetness and bold mint embodies the summer vibe. When you’ve got a mojito in your hands, the first sip can transport you to a white sand beach somewhere far away without having to leave your home or garden. Whether you’re hosting an evening with friends or simply sitting out in your garden on a warm sunny day with a good book, a mojito could be the perfect addition. 

Crisp Appletini 

If you’re looking for something crisp and juicy to drink this summer, then an Appletini is definitely one to try. A great example of a vodka-based cocktail, an appletini mixes apple juice, maple syrup and lemon juice with vodka creating a fantastic flavour combination that not only tastes great, but looks great too; garnish your martini glass with an apple slice, and you’ve got an Insta-worthy summer cocktail. 

A Simple But Tasty White Wine Spritzer 

Who says cocktails have to be complicated mixtures? A white wine spritzer; so simple and yet so refreshing to drink, and with two simple ingredients it should definitely be one to consider as a summer staple. A crisp, refreshing white wine spritzer, simply a combination of white wine and club soda or lemonade, is the perfect drink for people looking for something light and fruity, and with the variety of white wines, there’s plenty of options to experiment with, so you can find your favourite white wine base for your spritzer. 

How Can Fletcher Drinks Help? 

Fletcher Drinks stocks a fantastic variety of spirits, wines, beers, liqueurs, gins and whiskeys; we have three off-licence locations; Stourbridge, Kidderminster, and Brierley Hill, and an online shop, making us the perfect place for you to buy your cocktail ingredients, whether you prefer to shop in-person, or you want to order alcohol online in Birmingham. 

Our alcohol delivery service in Birmingham may be just what you need to save you the time and energy of going to the shops yourself. So why not head over to our website to browse the fantastic selection of alcohol we have and see if you can find the alcohol you need to create your favourite summer cocktails?