Light, Crisp and Refreshing: a Guide to Rose Wine

Rose is a type of wine that’s enjoyed by wine lovers all across the globe, with its beautiful light pink hue and sweet elegant taste. Rose is a very diverse and versatile wine, with many different varieties to choose from all with their own delightful flavour profiles and unique aromas. This type of wine tends to be enjoyed during the summer months due to its crisp and refreshing qualities, but you can sip on a glass of rose at any time of the year and easily pair it with your favourite food dishes. 

Our team at Fletcher Drinks has put together this post to bring you a guide to rose wine and tell you everything you need to know about this delicious alcoholic drink. Fletcher Drinks is an alcohol delivery service based in the West Midlands, stocking over 900 delicious drinks that we can deliver directly to your door. To learn more, keep reading and to browse our full selection of rose wines - head over to our website today. 

What is Rose Wine?

Rose wine is a type of wine that’s made from red grapes with some of the skins left on during fermentation, giving it a light pink hue. It can range from sweet to dry and is usually lighter in body and alcohol content than red wines. Rose tends to have a light and refreshing taste, which is why so many people love to sip on it during the warmer, sunnier months.

Why is Rose Pink?

A lot of people don’t know how rose gets its iconic pink colour, but it’s created naturally during the winemaking process. When grapes are crushed, their juice comes out clear but when this juice is left in contact with the skins, the colour is extracted from the skins into the juice. This is known as "maceration" and is commonly used to produce rose wines with a pink hue. Typically, the skins are only used for a short period of time, from a few hours to a few days, depending on the desired colour for the wine. 

Where Does Rose Wine Originate From?

A lot of the rose wines that you find here in the UK originate from France, particularly from Provence which is the leading region for the production of French rose. However, you can also find rose wine from Spain, Portugal, Italy, America and all across the rest of the world. 

What Does Rose Taste Like? 

The taste of rose will depend on whether you opt for a dry, semi-dry, sweet, or sparkling variety of the wine. Generally, rose wines are very fresh, fruity, light and crisp making them easy to drink. Rose can be enjoyed either on its own, over ice or with a topper of lemonade or soda water. It’s a great drink to have with a meal and it pairs perfectly with seafood dishes. Some common notes in rose wines include red fruits like berries, cherries and strawberries, as well as citrus, florals and melon.

What Type of Rose Wine Should You Buy? 

The type of rose wine you should buy depends on whether you prefer a drier or a sweeter taste when it comes to your wine. There’s a huge variety of rose varieties to choose from and you may need to try a few to find one that you enjoy. 

Typically, dry rose wines have a higher alcohol content and a stronger, richer taste. Whereas sweet rose wines have a lower alcohol content and a fresher, lighter taste. Some common types of rose that you might have heard of include; Grenache, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon, and White Zinfandel.

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