Nostalgic Christmas Drinks to Bring Back This Year

Lots of families will have their own traditions at Christmas time and year after year, they will enjoy the same activities, foods and drinks with their loved ones. These traditions are what make this time of year so special and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

Every year, households will enjoy the same alcoholic drinks and some of these have been considered a Christmas staple for decades now. You may remember your parents or grandparents drinking these over the festive period, and seeing the bottles will bring back lots of fond memories. If you want to enjoy some alcoholic drinks that have been popular for many years this festive season, below we have listed some classic nostalgic drinks. 


Everyone recognises the Babycham logo and the charming deer has become iconic. This refreshing sparkling drink has been popular at Christmas time since it was originally created back in 1953 and lots of people even have Babycham glasses from gift sets. This party drink has an unrivalled heritage and if you want to add some sparkle to Christmas this year, you should buy some Babycham to share with family and friends.

Warninks Advocaat Liqueur

When people think of Christmas drinks, many will think of Warninks Advocaat Liqueur. Warninks is undeniably one of the most popular advocaat liqueurs and every year, people will buy it to enjoy over the festive period, whether they drink it neat on the rocks or in a classic Snowball cocktail. Many know it’s nearly Christmas time when they start seeing bottles of Warninks Advocaat Liqueur lining the shelves in supermarkets. 


Talking of Snowball cocktails, it isn’t uncommon for people to buy Snowballs readymade and there is one brand that has been very popular for years. The green and orange packaging of Snowball Lemonade Advocaat & Lime is instantly recognisable, and you will see these little bottles everywhere during the run-up to Christmas. Buying pre-made Snowball cocktails will save you from having to make your own for your guests this festive season. 

Harvey’s Bristol Cream 

Since 1882, people have been enjoying Harvey’s Bristol Cream and this sherry is synonymous with Christmas. You will probably remember your grandparents having a small glass of sherry after their Christmas dinner and there’s a high chance it was Harvey’s Bristol Cream. Not only can you enjoy sherry by itself, but you can also turn it into a long drink by adding lemonade, ice and a slice of fruit. This is a great Christmassy drink to enjoy this year. 

Stone’s Ginger Wine 

Another Christmas classic is Stone’s Ginger Wine and this unique drink has been enjoyed since 1740. To this day, Stone’s Ginger Wine is still made with traditional ingredients and it’s a great alternative to a classic glass of wine with its sweetened ginger flavour. You can drink ginger wine on the rocks or with lemonade, but we would recommend using it to make a Hot Toddy. This is the perfect drink to keep you warm when it’s cold outside. 

De Kuyper Cherry Brandy

This is a seasonal favourite in lots of households and it’s not uncommon to see a bottle of De Kuyper Cherry Brandy on a drinks trolley at Christmas. This rich, fruity liqueur is perfect for the festive season and the dark red cherries, exotic spices and hints of almond and marzipan make it a delicious, warming drink. Whether you drink De Kuyper Cherry Brandy straight or use it in cocktails like the Singapore Sling, it’s a great drink for Christmas. 

Stocking up on Old Favourites this Christmas 

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