Taking a Look At Our Range of Dark Rums

Dark rum tends to be a popular choice amongst rum lovers, due to its deep and complex flavours with vanilla, spice and oak notes. It's typically aged in barrels, which gives it its unique and distinctive dark colour as well as its rich and tasty flavour. Most people choose to enjoy dark rum neat, with some ice or paired with a delicious mixer like coke to soften its flavours.

Below, our team at Fletcher Drinks has looked into our range of spiced and smooth dark rums. Fletcher Drinks provides customers with a local and nationwide alcohol delivery service, stocking over 900+ items including a large variety of the tastiest and most popular dark rums on the market. To learn more about our range of delicious dark rums, read on and to place an order to be delivered to your door - be sure to check out our website today.

Captain Morgan Dark Rum

We had to include this rum in our list, Captain Morgan Dark Rum is a classic. This dark rum is a premium blend of five rum marques from three Caribbean countries, creating a rich complexity of flavours. With its caramel and vanilla notes, this rum has a full-bodied and strong taste which is perfect for rum lovers. 

It's blended according to an age-old recipe of rums from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados, and is aged for at least 2 years in charred oak barrels. This results in a superior quality rum, with a smooth taste and beautiful notes that are perfectly balanced by its smoky cask finish. You can enjoy it over ice or serve it with a fiery ginger ale for a bit more of a kick. It's perfect for rum lovers who are seeking an authentic and bold taste.

Havana Club Dark Rum 

Another classic dark rum we stock here at Fletcher Drinks is the Havana Club 7 Year Old Dark Rum, a favourite for dark rum drinkers. The Havana Club dark rum was the first Cuban extra-aged rum that showed the world that rum could be drunk neat, as well as enjoyed in cocktails and mixed drinks. It has an intense and complex aroma, with a delicious palate of chocolate, honey, vanilla, cocoa, sweet tobacco and dry fruits, as well as spicy notes.

Its finish is powerful and full-bodied, providing you with a delicious dark rum that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. It’s a deep, dark and complex rum, which is wonderfully smooth and leaves a lingering taste of oak and molasses that make it delicious to drink.

Lamb’s Genuine Navy Dark Rum 

We also stock the Lamb’s Genuine Navy Dark Rum, which was first produced in 1849 and is still enjoyed by rum lovers all across the world to this day. It’s a dark, tannic and traditional navy rum that was created by blending 18 superior rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana to produce the dark rum that people now know and love.

This is known for being one of the most authentic dark rums that you can purchase and it can be enjoyed in lots of different ways. Lamb’s Genuine Navy Dark Rum has a natural sweet cane and butter-rum aroma, with a complex blend of sweet island spice flavours.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 

A firm favourite dark rum is The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. This is a must-try for any dark rum lover or anyone who wants to experience an unforgettable drink. The Kraken is an imported rum from the Caribbean that is blended with tantalising secret spices and has notes of caramel, toffee, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and many other flavours. 

This dark rum is named after the mythic sea beast, the Kraken, and it certainly lives up to its expectations providing you with a bold, rich and smooth flavour that will keep you coming back for more. It has a lingering spicy finish, but an overall sweet and delicious flavour that simply melts in the mouth and provides you with a lovely warmth. 

Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum 

If you’re looking for a dark rum with a bit of a difference, the Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is perfect for you. This rum is infused with natural hemp - guaranteed to provide a unique flavour that you will love, and it's considered to be the first CBD-infused rum in the world. It contains a blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados that are aged for 3 years and then infused with hemp that contains naturally occurring CBD. 

This dark rum has distinct, grassy, herbal notes that are supported by hints of cola, fresh coffee, hops and a dash of pine. You can either enjoy Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum alone or with your favourite mixer for something a little bit different. 

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