Whiskey Tasting; Unlocking Aromas and Flavours

Are you a big whiskey fan? Well, if you have a group of friends that share your interest, why not host a whiskey-tasting party? You and your friends can have great fun learning more about single malt whiskey and enjoying the delicious range of tastes and aromas from each sample you try. When planning your single malt whiskey-tasting party, there are a few things that you may want to consider buying alongside your whiskey. 

Of course, the main thing you need to get is the whiskey itself, and it would be good to get a variety of options so that you and your guests can make comparisons. Once you’ve ordered your single malt whiskey online, you may also want to consider getting some pens and paper, which could be handy for jotting down notes as you try your samples so everyone can remember their favourites. 

Putting out tasty snacks can also be a thoughtful touch for your guests; chocolate can be a good sweet option, and cheese could be perfect for those that prefer a savoury option. Keep reading to see how to get the most out of your whiskey-tasting experience. 

Visual Appreciation

When you’ve ordered your bourbon whiskey online, your friends have arrived for the evening, and everything is ready to go, it’s time to get started with your whiskey tasting gathering. The first place to start is by using your eyes. Visually observing the whiskey presents the opportunity to examine and note the differences in colours, as well as the whiskey’s viscosity and clarity, which can offer insight into the strength and age of the whiskey. 

Exploring the Scent 

Once you’ve had a good look at your whiskey, it’s time to move on to the aroma. Swish your whiskey around in the glass and put your nose to the test and see what delicious aromas you can pick up. Take a deep breath and see if you can highlight not just the stronger scents, but also those that may be more subtle; the more subtle scents can bring about a lovely complexity to your whiskey.  

What we taste when we eat and drink is largely affected by our sense of smell; what we smell can prepare our palette for what we are about to taste, helping us to truly appreciate the flavour combinations that we will eventually taste, so exploring the aromas of your whiskey can really help to enhance the tasting experience. 

The First Taste

Now it’s time to have a taste. When you take a sip, allow the whiskey to cover your whole palette and try to identify the flavours that emerge. Start with overarching terms, determining whether the whiskey presents a sweet or savoury flavour, and then see if you can pick out specific flavours. You may find you experience different flavours as the whiskey lingers in your mouth, so be sure to highlight any changes you notice and examine the finish too, and see what flavours linger around once the whiskey is gone. 

A Drop of Water Perhaps? 

You can introduce another step to your whiskey tasting to broaden the experience further by adding a drop of water to your sample. Adding a touch of water to your whiskey can give it a slight dilution, which gives the chance for more flavours to break through the more intense alcohol flavour, adding another layer of complexity to your drink; who knows, you may find you prefer your whiskey with a hint of water, so you can truly enjoy the entire flavour combination. 

Why not try adding different amounts of water and see what fantastic flavours you can uncover? 

Fletcher Drinks Has What You Need.

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