Christmas Drink Recipes to Enjoy This Year

With the festive season getting closer and closer, it’s time to get in the Christmas mood with a few delicious drink recipes. Below, the Fletcher Drinks team lists some tasty Christmas drinks to enjoy this year - read on to get some Xmas inspiration. 

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The Manhattan

The Manhattan is a classic Christmas cocktail to enjoy at a festive party with friends or family. Named after the world-famous borough in New York, this is a punchy cocktail that is perfect for all whisky lovers. The ingredients for this recipe are whisky - ideally a bourbon, sweet vermouth, cherry syrup, three dashes of Angostura bitters and a handful of ice.

Stir these ingredients together for around 30 seconds, before straining into a Martini glass. To finish, you can garnish with a Maraschino cherry or a twist of pared lemon zest. It takes just 5 minutes of prep, so it’s a really easy cocktail to make when you’re getting ready for your guests to arrive at your Christmas house party.


Bramble is a famous, popular cocktail that’s perfect for Christmas time. It’s not too difficult to make, so if you want to make a different cocktail without much effort, Bramble is the way to go. The ingredients are gin, caster sugar syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, blackberry jam or jelly, and soda water. 

You mix the gin, sugar syrup, lemon juice and blackberry jam or jelly in a small jug. Following this, you pour into a tall glass containing ice, topping the mixture up with soda water. To end, you can garnish with a blackberry for an added fruity burst. This is a wonderful drink to enjoy; and it looks amazing too - so it’s great to share on social media. 

Christmas Cosmopolitan

Nothing signifies Christmas more than a Christmas Cosmopolitan; it’s the most iconic festive tipple. It’s also really simple to make too, consisting of just five ingredients - vodka, cointreau or triple sec, cranberry juice, lime juice and ice cubes. Mix all of these together and shake well, before then covering and refrigerating until ready to serve. 

When your party is ready to start, serve with ice in cocktail glasses, and choose a garnish such as a twist of lime, zest of orange or sprig of rosemary. This is a true crowd pleaser and it’s sure to bring the good times to your special occasion.

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