Stock Your Home Bar and Become the Perfect Host

If you are the kind of person who loves to host and entertain at home, a home bar could be an excellent addition to your property. Having a well-stocked home bar with a variety of options ready for an occasion or gathering is a fantastic way to play the role of a good host, staying thoughtful and prepared for the range of preferences your guests will have. Keep reading to find out some of the fantastic options you should consider stocking in your home bar, ready for that special occasion.

Be Mindful of the Season

When stocking your home bar, taking into account the time of year could be helpful when deciding what to get for your alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield. For example, in the warmer months, lighter drinks such as white wines, Rose, and cocktails, could be a more appealing and refreshing option, whereas, in colder months, heavier drinks such as a rich red wine, a glass of Baileys or brandy may be more suited. 

As well as taking the seasons into account for your alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield, you may also want to consider the type of event you are hosting; determining the vibe of your event can be helpful when it comes to choosing the alcohol you purchase.

Offer a Range of Spirits and Liqueurs

Adding a range of spirits to your Alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield is a great way to cater to many people’s preferences. Spirits and Liqueurs act as the backbone for many delicious drinks, from whiskeys, vodkas and rums to gins, schnapps and brandy, and loads more. 

Whether your guests are going for something simple like a spirit and mixer drink, or they want to enjoy a tasty cocktail, your spirits will come in use; with so many different flavours available, it’s easy to get a broad selection to go in your alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield, giving you plenty of opportunity to offer variety to your guests. 

Ciders, Beers and Wines

If your guests are not particularly fond of spirits and cocktails and are perhaps looking for something more casual, beers, ciders, and wines are always good to add to your alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield. As with spirits and liqueurs, there are many different types and flavours of beer, cider and wine, giving you ample opportunity to ensure that your home bar is nicely stocked with a good variety. 

Alcohol-Free and Soft Drinks

Of course, if you are hosting, you want to be able to cater to those who do not drink or who may be driving, so adding alcohol-free options to your delivery and purchasing soft drinks are also important for having in your home bar. 

As well as being a refreshing option for non-drinkers, those drinking spirits may want to mix their spirits with a soft drink. You have classic cola pairing with drinks such as vodka and rum, lemonade which works well with gin and bourbon, and fruit juices can also be a delicious pairing with spirits too. 


Garnishes, Extras, Glassware, and Bar Tools

When putting together your home bar, while yes, the alcohol and other drinks are the main features, it’s also important to make sure you have the finishing touches so that you can really wow your guests. 

We all love to snap a picture when we have an Instagram-worthy drink, so when you’re making cocktails or more extravagant drinks, garnishes, whether it be mint, cherries, umbrellas, fruit or something else, can bring a nice touch and create a lovely aesthetic, and if it’s an edible garnish, something extra to the flavour experience as well. Having the right glassware for the drink you are serving can also add to the overall appearance. 

Welcome to Fletcher Drinks

So if you’re in need of alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield, then Fletcher Drinks can help. We have a huge variety of drinks ranging from spirits and liqueurs to beers, cider and wine with varying flavours and prices. We’re a friendly family business who do our best to stock as many different alcoholic beverages as we can so we are in a position to offer our customers the chance to find their favourites. You can find our off-licence locations in Kidderminster, Stourbridge and Brierley Hill, or you can order your drinks online and enjoy our alcohol delivery in Sutton Coldfield and the ease of them coming straight to your door.