Tips on How to Drink Wine Like an Expert

Navigating the world of wine drinking can be a daunting experience if you are new, and we want to be able to enjoy wines to their full potential. Sure, you can drink wine however you like but there are a few handy tips and techniques that can help you to drink wine like an expert such as considering the type of glass you drink out of, swirling your wine, and how to sip your wine like a pro. 

We have put together this short post, to give you a few tips on how to drink wine like an expert. Here at Fletcher Drinks, we sell premium wines, beers, ciders, ales and spirits and provide both local and nationwide delivery to our customers. We are dedicated to providing you with quality brand names, all at exceptional prices. To learn more about our tips on how to drink wine like an expert, keep reading.

Use The Correct Type of Glass 

When enjoying everything that your wine has to offer, it is best to drink your wine out of the correct type of glass. Using the correct wine glass can significantly elevate your wine-drinking experience, and ensure that you get the most out of your chosen wine. 

Red wine is best drunk out of a glass that has a wide rim and a bigger bowl, as this will bring out the intricate aromas and flavours of your red wine. White wine is best drunk out of a smaller glass, with a u-shape and a narrower mouth to keep your wine cold and flavourful. 

Serve at the Correct Temperature

Another factor when drinking wine like an expert is making sure that you serve it at the correct temperature. This can really make a world of a difference to your wine, greatly impacting its taste and showcasing its delicious flavours. 

Red wine is best served between 12c and 18c, and white wine between 8c and 12c. If your wine isn’t the perfect temperature, this is easy to correct, by placing your wine in a bucket with either ice or warm water. You can use a wine thermometer to measure your wine's temperature, ensuring that it is close to perfect for the optimum drinking experience. 

Pour the Right Amount of Wine into Your Glass

You also want to ensure that you pour the right amount of wine into your glass, as too much or too little wine can have an impact on its taste. Filling your wine glass to the brim can make your wine taste tight and suffocated, whereas under-filling your wine glass can end up over-oxygenating the wine which will give you a loss in aroma and flavour. 

Make sure to pour the right amount of wine into your glass for the best wine tasting experience. We recommend pouring half of a glass of wine when it comes to red wine, and a third of a glass for white wine. 

Sip and Enjoy

Now it comes to the fun part; tasting your wine. Make sure to decant your wine using a decanter or to simply swirl your wine in its glass. This is an important part of drinking wine, as it allows the wine to oxygenate, bringing out the complex aromas within your wine. When it comes to holding your wine glass, be sure to hold it by its stem so that the warmth from your hand doesn’t transfer to the wine. 

When you drink your wine, be sure not to gulp it down but rather drink it slowly and enjoy all of its flavours. Take a sip and let the wine sit in your mouth for a moment, this will give you time to notice the notes within your wine and experience it fully. You can also swirl or swish the wine around your mouth, to fully absorb the wine's flavour with all of the taste buds in your mouth. 

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