White Wines That Everyone’s Drinking This Year

White wine is a perfect accompaniment to any meal. It’s simply gorgeous when you partner a delicious white wine with your homemade food, creating a fusion of incredible flavours and an unforgettable experience. If you are thinking about choosing a new white wine for mealtime or to simply enjoy, then read below to learn more about the most popular white wines now. 

The team at Fletcher Drinks has written a helpful guide - listing some of the most flavoursome and refreshing white wines available to buy. Take a read to find out more, and if you would like to explore our selection of white wines - then visit our website today. 


Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Peace & Mango 

The Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Peach & Mango is a stunning fruity mix of ripe peace and juicy mango flavours. It comes complete with a tropical twist, making it a wonderful white wine to include in your collection. Whether you are hosting a summer garden party, or want to have a lovely glass of white whilst relaxing in the evening, this Echo Falls fruit fusion is the perfect joice for you. It’s ideal for all occasions, from nights in to social gatherings. 

Black Tower Fruity White

Another popular white wine at the moment is the Black Tower Fruity White, which is a one-of-a-kind white that cannot be replicated. This is a modern, unique and easy-drinking wine with a smooth and fruity flavour. You’ll be able to enjoy refreshing tastes of pineapple and lime, and this wine is suitable for all drinking occasions. It’s so easy to drink, and it pairs particularly well with Thai noodles, veggie wraps and spicy chicken wings. 

Bin 161 Chardonnay by Hardys

Hardys is one of the most celebrated and acclaimed wine producers in Australia, and today, they have a strong global reputation which speaks for itself. The Bin 161 by Hardys Chardonnay is a fruity Chardonnay with juicy characters of white peach, nectarine and little hints of vanilla too. You should pair this white wine with a seafood dish or a chicken-based meal. 

The Shy Pig Crisp White

Right now, the Shy Pig Crisp White is a white wine that’s incredibly popular amongst wine lovers. It is a crisp white, stocked full of an abundance of ripe citrus fruit and green apple flavours. Deriving from Australia, this white offers plenty of character having been crafted by award-winning winemakers using the finest winemaking techniques around. 

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